Around The Reel - "Ride That Elevator To Success!" with Kaiti Wallen!


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Today we welcome actress Kaiti Wallen to our show! Kaiti is the star of the hit series "Tale of Tails" and other multiple successful films from her production company 'Painted Creek Productions'! Join us as we dive into acting, filmmaking, short films, features and the transitions into episodic series! As a mother, Kaiti and her husband Harley have put together a business in filmmaking! We learn how they do it, how they work together and also raise a family! We also tap into the real emotions woman have in this industry and the challenges they face and how to overcome them! Oh yeah! And Sam connects with Kaiti on being moms and having daughters to raise! Such a fantastic conversation with a very talented artist! Sit back and enjoy our discussion with the lovely Kaiti Wallen!

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