131 - 10 Git branching good practice tips


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Let's talk about 10 good practice tips when using Git.

Podcast Notes:

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10 Git Branch good practices

  1. Run code audits before merging into a work flow branch to prevent pipeline blockages
  2. Put config into a separate branch to the feature
  3. Use a GUI to inspect right, left, middle merges
  4. Communicate and talk through conflicts with other developers
  5. Don’t squash commits. History is good
  6. Regularly merge the main branch into the feature branch
  7. Always get a team mate to review your code. Even if its the smallest code change
  8. Keep to a good branch naming convention
  9. Separate code maintenance, features and fixes into their own branches - Be aware of what other features use your code
  10. Use messaging platforms like Slack or Discord to inform your team that something has been merged. Also use this to tell your team if the code audits have failed
  11. Fix any failed code audits before doing anything else.

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