0502 | Hawk Mountain


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An eerie encounter with Keyes catapults us into a close look at Keyes's activity in Pennsylvania, some emerging patterns with the NAMUS-44, a possible kill kit, and our first look at a missing persons case that has come up each season, but hasn't gotten a proper deep-dive yet.
This episode was written, produced, and researched by Josh Hallmark. Additional research by Shana Wilensky; and research assistance by Andrew French and Michelle Kaszuba.
Research sources include:
• The Charley Project
• The Ellwood City Ledger
• The Intelligencer - Wheeling News-Register
This episode featured Dr. Chris Kunkle and the Hawk Mountain Witness (Lisa)
This episode included music by:
• William Hellfire
• Radical Face
• Whithe
• Sergey Cheremisinov
• Kai Engel
Featured song: "Pushin' Against a Stone" by Valerie June

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