#195: Eric, Eric, He's Our Lang


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We're always excited for a new Eric Lang game, which makes him an obvious candidate for the absolutely-not-called BGB DOG - our series where we deep dive into a designer's .... designography. He's made a lot of our favourite area control games, and had his hand in some games we might not have even realized. Before we bang on about this Lang mang, we talk about What's Missing?, Polynesia, and TEN.

02:41 - What's Missing? 07:50 - Polynesia 17:47 - Ten 25:10 - PAX Unplugged 25:45 - Ghost Turkey 2021 28:45 - Eric Lang 31:30 - Mystick 32:05 - Dragon Ball Z: Majin Buu Saga 33:04 - Midgard 34:54 - Chaos in the Old World 39:58 - Quarriors! 41:48 - Dice Masters 42:20 - Blood Rage 45:47 - XCOM: The Board Game 48:13 - Duelyst 49:40 - Rising Sun 50:39 - Cthulhu: Death May Die 52:19 - Ankh: Gods of Egypt 54:32 - Marvel United

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