Patreon Amuse-Bouche: The Twink with a Clairvoyant Streak (Patreon 87)


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It's another amuse-bouche this week to give you a taste of our most recent episode over on Patreon! This is an excerpt from this past weekend, "The Twink with a Clairvoyant Streak" (Patreon 87). As the title suggests, there's a lot to talk about.

The town of Marblehead may be making a racket outside The Carriage House today with their tree trimming crew (which Ronna doesn't need since she has her own people to do that, pardon me), but that's not stopping us from hosting an absolutely fabulous show. After some helpful tips about shopping in Europe and some clarification on whether or not Ronna is mentioned in the Pandora Papers, we offer some advice on what to do after a very awkward OB-GYN visit, how to let a friend know you want to keep the relationship platonic, and navigating the insecurities of young love.

Wanna hear the rest? Of course! Head over to to get this episode in its entirety.

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