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Tyrone Lingley, Head of Partnerships at, is responsible for building and delivering long-term go-to-market technology, strategic, and channel partnerships, talks on tackling OKRs, and shared responsibility and accountability.

More about our guest:

Tyrone Lingley, senior SaaS partnership leader with 10+ years of experience building and leading high-performance partnership and marketing teams in the technology, e-commerce, and sports/entertainment industries. Responsible for creating business value through channel, technology, and strategic partnerships. Ty is also currently the Head of Partnerships at, responsible for building and delivering our long-term go-to-market technology, strategic, and channel partnerships. Prior to joining, I led high-performance partnership and marketing teams at Unbounce,, Bell Canada, the Rick Hansen Foundation, and the Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Olympic & Paralympic Games (VANOC). A board member with the Cloud Software Association (CSA), where we strive to build the market for the distribution of cloud software. Our 2000+ members span the industry as SaaS vendors, platforms, API services, resellers, distributors, and investors. An advisor to various SaaS companies within the software-as-a-service space looking to build and grow their partnership programs.


Episode Guide:

1:50 - What Is Innovation

3:54 - Experience in

5:38 - OKR

6:38 - Importance of AMBITIOUS objectives

8:27 - Role of Humility

11:42 - Unpacking OKR

13:07 - Cascading results and shared goals

16:05 - OKRs: Creating Accountability

19:37 - Risk Assessment

20:34 - Risk equation: People-side or Leadership-side?

25:19 - OKR or KPI?

27:46 - Ty's life outside work

29:26 - Advice to innovators


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