Predictive Algorithms and Exploring the Unknown World of Proteins using Artificial Intelligence and Fermentation with Leonardo Alvarez


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What has the world of proteins been hiding? Through further exploration, even nutritional additives may be able to be replaced. Listen in to learn:

  • The sources of food-safe protein
  • How protein sequences unlock new products
  • How long the first range of products will reach the market

Leonardo Alvarez, the CEO of Protera, shares his work discovering uses for proteins previously untapped in the world of production.

Additives and preservatives have gotten a bad reputation from consumers lately, calling for a new solution. Fortunately, proteins may step in providing a much safer and more natural alternative.

One of the first products produced by Protera allows the shelf life of baked goods to be extended by introducing antifungal properties. In addition, by examining previously existing protein properties in nature, it can be scaled into production use very quickly.

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