Episode 240: Clash of Cultures and The Unwritten Rules


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The Cabal is back for another dose of insubordinate nonsense! Today the gang talks about some great games including Magic the Gathering, Khora: Rise of an Empire, Immortals, Scooby Doo: Escape from the Haunted Mansion, Run Cowboy Run and Intrepid. Then Don and Jamie feature review Clash of Cultures Monumental Edition from designer Christian Marcussen and Wiz-Kids. Then Tony T pulls out the news articles if runs down all the most important things happening in the tabletop gaming world. Then finally the Founders discuss Unwritten Rules in board gaming. Clash of Cultures Overview 01:01:28, Clash of Cultures Review 01:06:22, News with Tony T 01:29:51, The Unwritten Rules 02:30:57

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