43 – Mars Hill Music: Initial Thoughts and a Personal Update


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Psalm 43

Psalm 43

Follow Up

  • How on earth could Bryan not like King’s Kaleidoscope?
  • Grant: Newsboy’s Clean is pretty good. Their song STAND sounds like 90’s Phillips, Craig, and Dean
  • Faithful listener to the show Spencer Parsons explains a bit more about the Proverbs tracks

What We’re Listening To



Not so much listening to all of this as it is new releases and initial thoughts


CCM News

Psallos’ album Philippians is dropping October 14th for Patreon subscribers and October 21 for everyone else. (HT Brad Beyenhof)

A Personal Update

Mars Hill

“Oh God” by Citizens

[Verse:1] In the valley, Oh God, you're near In the quiet, Oh God, you're near In the shadow, Oh God, you're near At my breaking, Oh God, you're near [Chorus] Oh God, you never leave my side Your love will stand firm for all my life

“Because Jesus Christ is Alive” by The Sing Team

[Pre-Chorus] So we can rejoice Though weʼre grieved by various trials for a little while Because a genuine faith under testing Brings honor and glory to our great King


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