You Should Read...Our Most Anticipated October Releases (with Kathy Coe)!


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Hi, Should-Heads! We're joined by our friend Kathy to share some of the best releases out in October! We also discuss being intentional with reading choices and oh hey, did you know Julia had a birthday recently?

Currently reading:

Julia: Defy the Night (Brigid Kemmerer) and Please Don't Sit on my Bed In Your Outside Clothes (Phoebe Robinson)
Kelly: As if on Cue (Marisa Kanter)
Rachael: Rock Paper Scissors (Alice Feeney) and Exhausted (Nick Polizzi)

Recent acquisitions:

Julia: The Echo Wife (Sarah Gailey), The Nine Lives of Rose Napolitano (Donna Freitas), Game Changer (Neal Shusterman), Fierce Self-Compassion (Kristin Neff) and The Sum of Us (Heather McGhee)
Kelly: Time Will Tell (Barry Lyga), Pony (RJ Palacio), Several People Are Typing (Calvin Kasulke)
Rachael: Bad Fat Black Girl (Sesali Bowen) and My Monticello (Jocelyn Nicole Johnson)

Our Most Anticipated:

Kathy: Not Your Average Hot Guy (Gwenda Bond), Bad Girls Never Say Die (Jennifer Mathieu), Fan Club (Erin Mayer), Capote's Women (Laurence Leamer), Squad (Maggie Tokuda-Hall)

Julia: All the Feels (Olivia Dade), Well Matched (Jen DeLuca), My Monticello (Jocelyn Nicole Johnson) and Always in December (Emily Stone)

Kelly: Where They Went (Scott Carson), We Are Not Like Them (Jo Piazza and Christine Pride), Frankie and Bug (Gayle Forman), Any Sign of Life (Rae Carson) and Black Birds in the Sky (Brandy Colbert)

Rachael: The Storm of Echoes (Christelle Dabos), Tacos For Two (Betsy St. Almant), Femlandia (Christina Dalcher), Girlie Drinks (Mallory O'Meara) and My Monticello (Jocelyn Nicole Johnson)

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