Digesting Research in the Clinical Space: Evidence-Based Translation using Innovative Approaches


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Katie Caspero, MS, OTR/L is the founder of OT Graphically where she uses infographics to helps researchers share their work, supports occupational therapists with staying up to date on evidence, and empowers clients to be more engaged in their care. Katie describes herself as an entrepreneur, pediatric occupational therapist (OT), research assistant, and knowledge translator.
Bio: Katie is currently completing her Advanced Practice Certificate in Implementation of Evidence in Clinical Practice at The University of Pittsburgh. She has been a research assistant for over 8 years and a clinical OT for 6 years and shares a passion for combining research and the real world of OT practice. Katie created OT Graphically in 2020 and had the idea growing three years prior. Katie's work focuses on taking complex topics and synthesizing them down into easy-to-understand visuals, especially of research articles. OT Graphically creates graphic designs, consults with researchers and universities, and has a membership for clinicians that gives access to a library of infographics to helps them stay up-to-date quickly. She is an avid hiker and photographer along with her design skills and absolutely loves being an entrepreneur.
Website: www.otgraphically.com
Blog for researchers with additional resources: https://www.otgraphically.com/research-blog
Schedule a free, 15-minute consultation for your knowledge translation project by emailing Katie at

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