S805: The King of Lies


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Lee King spilled the beans on his family's secret—leading to his father’s arrest.

Hannah’s boyfriend, Lee King, is hiding a big secret; and it’s not just about his multiple fiances. It turns out his father, “Fast” Eddie Maher is an international fugitive.

Fast Eddie, an international fugitive, was on the run for 20 years until his son gave him up.

Today’s episode was brought to us by a long-time PRETEND listener, Kim Evans.

Kim knew her daughter’s new boyfriend was no good. So, she did everything in her power to expose him. It turns out, he was hiding a secret that would eventually lead to the arrest of his father, Eddie Maher.

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The Christmas Lie

Also, I’m working on a Christmas episode. Do you remember when you learned about the big lie? You know, the one about the big guy who magically squeezes down the chimney at night and leaves gifts for children all over the world? You know which lie I’m talking about. If you have a fun Christmas story, send it my way.

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