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Rob Finlay, CPM®, an investor, operator, solution provider, CEO, and Founder of Thirty Capital, talks on staying open across different domains and the parallelism of commercial real estate and software companies.

More about our guest:

Rob Finlay, CPM®, knows the extraordinary value of tech + innovation + data within the CRE space better than anyone else out there. He grew up in CRE. He’s been an investor, operator, and solution provider. Rob has a large portfolio of assets and multiple CRE related tech companies. Disrupting the status quo, he’s doing to the CRE industry what Bloomberg terminals did for stock trading. CEO and Founder of Thirty Capital Rob Finlay helps operators and investors in the commercial real estate industry generate market-beating returns using technology and innovative solutions. His investment firm, Thirty Capital, includes a portfolio of companies in six states and employs over 300 individuals. It includes building materials businesses, commercial development, asset management, and a technology incubator and accelerator that has built multiple 9-figure real estate tech products including his primary focus, Lobby CRE. To keep life even more exciting, a former professional race car driver, Finlay continues to race cars, pilot helicopters and jets, and enjoys spearfishing.


Episode Guide:

1:20 - What Is Innovation?

3:06 - Staying open across different domains of expertise

6:11 - "Looking around the corner"

9:13 - Thirty Capital's Innovation

11:42 - Innovation: Changing an experience

14:42 - Advice and perspective as a: Customer, User, and Investor

17:21 - What isn't Innovation?

19:05 - Parallelism of Commercial Real Estate and Software Company

21:01 - Top-down fostering

23:16 - Spearfishing vs Harpooning

26:15 - Advice for innovators

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