Episode Two: Let's Talk About Sex, Baby (Part Two)


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APHRODITE PART TWO: yes everyone, we’re bringing Season Three back with a double episode bang (pun intended)

In Part Two, we revisit our little teaser snippet on MythsBaby, and take you on a deep dive of one of the most famous and quoted statues ever, even though she’s lost to the depths of history herself – the Aphrodite of Knidos! We take you through the statue and her legacy. Mainly, though, we talk about how she was modelled on a woman. A REAL WOMAN. With dates and everything. Ladies and Gentlemen, we give you Phryne. YOU’RE WELCOME. The fun facts we drop here are some of our favourite, and they’ll soon be some of yours too.

The androgyny of Aphrodite and the fluidity of sexuality that she represents are our favourite things about the goddess, and they’re both aspects of her that are now almost forgotten or, more accurately, specifically been pushed aside in favour of heteronormative sexuality. We leave you with the way in which the classical Greek world eventually managed to reconcile these two aspects of Aphrodite within their rapidly cementing structured misogynistic society, paving the way for the hyper-sexualisation of Aphrodite and her co-option as a symbol for heterosexual love.

*shakes fist at thousands of years of repressed patriarchy of (supposedly) yesteryear*

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