The road map back to public church meetings in NSW - with Michael Stead


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Childrens’ ministry leaders who have not been vaccinated will be asked to temporarily stand down from their ministry roles in NSW Churches.

South Sydney Anglican Bishop Michael Stead expects a vaccination certificate to be required for kids ministry, in the same way a Working with Children Check is required.

Dr Stead says churches will be required to submit updated COVID safe plans. The plans include questions about ventilation and checks to ensure active steps are being taken to ensure church staff and key volunteer personnel have been vaccinated, especially those involved in ministries to children.

At the 70% double vaccinated point, Dr Stead says kids ministries likely won’t be able to function inside church buildings. They will be permitted to operate outside.

Dr Stead says as a result many churches are planning to delay re-opening until the 80% mark is reached, meaning re-opening on 31 October 2021.

Dr Stead has conceded that it’s inevitable that one of our churches will be the site of a super spreading event, and that it won’t be the fault of the local leadership.

Dr Stead has urged Christians on both sides of the vaccination debate to read Romans 14 twice. The first time he urges substituting ‘eat meat’ with ‘get vaccinated’ and the second time with ‘not get vaccinated.’

At Village Church Annandale in the inner west of Sydney we are looking for a full time assistant minister to join our team to work in the area of maturity and ministry.

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