Cleaning Up Your Budget and Creating Investment Habits with Victoria Devine


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How are your finances looking?

It’s SUCH a loaded question and I hope I didn’t ruin your day. I feel like there are 3 money categories you can fall into. I Don’t Know (living fast loose), Medium (has a basic superannuation plan and maybe some savings) and I Eat Stocks and Bonds for Breakfast (swims around in their vault of cash like Scrooge McDuck).

This week’s guest is Victoria Devine of She’s on the Money. Victoria a financial advisor who focuses on giving millennials financial advice that’s appropriate for that generation. Her podcast She’s On The Money gets 85,000 downloads per episode which off chops. It's a rad podcast you should definitely listen to it. She's incredibly smart and practical but also extremely funny and relatable. The perfect combo if you think money is scary and boring.

In this episode, we talk about..

English Sheepadoodles, earn, spend, own and owe - the four money buckets you should always know about, how you can earn 45k per year and end up better off than someone who earns 250k per year, budgeting when you don’t have a regular income, the 6 essential bank accounts you need in your life, the worst financial advice being thrown around - it’s a toss-up between Afterpay and Cryptocurrency and the one thing you absolutely should not ignore when it comes to your finances.

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