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Coming up this week, the story of how the behemouth that is Trader Joe’s all began. The start-up story of Trader Joe’s is the stuff of beautiful, disruptive, opportunistic risk taking. It’s a start of one man, who saw a gap, and chose to innovate that gap, creating a brand that – in the US – is universally loved and cherished.
The startup story of Trader Joe’s has all the hallmarks or characteristics you’d expect from the disruptors: ambition, curiosity, diligence, resilience. A lot of what you will hear today, won’t be new from the perspective of how disruptors disrupt. They have a pattern and you will see that pattern in today’s episode.
But there are lessons in the Trader Joe’s startup that makes its inception, and subsequent, journey, utterly unique. Lessons that have facilitated Trader Joe’s holding multiple competitive advantages that – to this day – have been unable to be eroded.
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