Two Missing Fishermen, Pye Centre Farm Day, and Electric Vehicle Road Trip


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The Pye Centre for Northern Boreal Food Systems in Happy Valley-Goose Bay held a farm day yesterday. We bring you there throughout the show to hear about backyard chicken farming, growing peanuts, and beekeeping. The search for two fishermen whose boat went missing off the coast of Labrador on the weekend has ended, and the Joint Rescue and Coordination Centre has turned over the case to the RCMP. Today we hear from Ida Powell, who organized a vigil on Saturday night, and from Dwight Russell, the father of one of the missing men, who is calling for a continued effort to search for his son. The Torngat Secretariat is interviewing fish harvesters to discuss the future of the industry in Nunatsiavut. We hear from Rachael Cadman. A shortage of teachers in Natuashish meant that until today Grade 7 students were going to class after school. We speak with Kanani Davis, the CEO of Mamu Tshishkutamashutau Innu Education, about the challenge of finding staff to fill education positions and how they are improvising. It's federal election day! We talk to Kelly Blidook of Memorial University about what voters should keep in mind when casting their ballots today. The long distances between communities in Labrador seems to present a challenge to a fully electric road trip across the Trans Labrador Highway, but one retired plane captain is finding a way to do it. We speak with Allan Carlson, who made the trip in a Tesla Model S. Finally, the provincial hockey team has been announced, and two high schoolers from Happy Valley-Goose Bay have made the team. We meet Nathan Green and Mackenzie Penney, and they give our reporter a lesson on the game.

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