Round 51 - Animal Celebrities


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This week the girls take aim at... Animal Celebrities
kicked us off this week by discussing how some animals become famous. Some are on TV or in movies, others are famous because their owners are famous. Then you have animals who are celebrities in their own right for doing something somewhat remarkable.
Amy then discussed the phenomena of animals who have become celebrities because of their presence on social media. Amy also chats about the insane number of followers these animals have.
Sarah then told us the life story of a dog made famous by his appearance on TV and in movies in the early 1920s. The tale of Rin Tin Tin is a fascinating one and our listeners may be surprised to discover this famous dog's humble beginnings.
Bianca finished us off this week by discussing one of the most famous horses in the world, Mr Ed. Mr Ed was a tv show about a horse that could talk. The show was loved by millions of people around the world and is still loved to this day. We also made Bianca sing the theme song so make sure you listen for it.
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