61: Embracing Death & The Root of Suffering w/ Leanne Nolan, Death Doula


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In today's episode, we discuss the root of many of humanity's biggest fears--the fear of death, including :

  • The process of death (as a labor process similar to birth)
  • Preparing for death
  • Role of psychedelics in confronting our fear of death
  • Death as a teacher to help us live in the present moment
  • Eternity is in the now
  • Role of a death doula
  • Sharing, abundance and the power of communal living
  • Celtic Wheel of Time and the cycles of life
  • And so much more...

Leanne is so wise and delightful. Can't wait for you to listen!

About Leanne:
Leanne is a former school teacher turned yoga instructor, death doula & educator as well as a plant medicine advocate. She believes that natural psychedelic plant medicines, and their synthetic relatives hold vast potential as tools for improving health and wellness, and she is especially interested in their benefits for end of life anxiety.
She is passionate about changing the narrative around death and dying by creating space to explore what death means to each individual, so that the fear of the unknown subsides. She believes contemplating death can be a huge catalyst to living the life of your dreams.
Instagram: @leannenolan_yoga
Website: www.leannenolan.com

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