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For some people, saying how they truly feel about something or someone is like going to a battle. Sometimes the most difficult thing to do is having a difficult conversation. Getting feedback is difficult, but not as much as giving one, especially when you’re unsure how they would react. In today’s episode, hosts Kevin Palmieri and Alan Lazaros talk about difficult conversations and how to go around them without hurting your relationship with the people you’ll have them with.
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Show notes:
[3:27] Ask yourself: Is this the best for the person I’m going to have the conversation with?
[8:42] 3 Cs of belonging: Courage, Communication, Collaborative problem solving
[13:09] Escalate or Resolve
[16:09] Identify the bugs in the garden
[18:52] Jeffing the law of attraction
[23:34] Branden Lowe, an NLU team member and podcast host, shares his experience being coached by Kevin and Alan
[28:18] Be vulnerable
[30:05] Challenge the ego with truth
[33:57] Feedback all at once or along the way
[37:56] Triggers and Trigger tendencies: Flight, Fight, or Freeze
[40:27] Outro

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