Episode 185: Wire Taps—R1 Sanity Check, PhD to MBA, Startup Goals


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This week's episode answers several key questions; ranging from the mundane (Is Alex's local pub back up and operating and does he tend to go there BEFORE or AFTER recording WireTaps?) to the more practical (Can one pitch an adcom on goals that involve launching a startup? Can a PhD get into b-school?). The episode kicks off with a deep dive into a military candidate's profile just as he's about to hit 'submit' on R1 apps. Then, Alex and Graham review an scientist's chances of moving from the lab to the c-suite. And finally, this week's third candidate has held three jobs in less than 5 years and is wondering how to weave things together while simultaneously pitching some entrepreneurial plans for post-MBA. Please don't forget to sign up for our whole slate of upcoming events, including one for career switchers this Wednesday (https://bit.ly/careerswitchmba) and several for those still looking at essay questions for this application season (https://bit.ly/essayeventseries). This episode was recorded in Paris, France and Cornwall, England. It was produced by the incredibly patient Dennis Crowley in Will Smith's West Philadelphia. Please remember to rate and review the show wherever you listen! You can also email Graham and Alex by writing to info@clearadmit.com, using the subject line WireTaps.

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