Easy Allies Podcast #283 - September 10, 2021


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PlayStation finally shows up with a showcase and it’s worth the wait. Wolverine and Spider-man overshadow their fellow Guardians, KOTOR is remade, and Kratos is revealed running on the PS5. With fan favorite Alan Wake coming back into the light, and No Man’s Sky earning a “mostly positive” rank on Steam, it’s a week for big franchise wins.

00:01:06 - Corrections

00:03:14 - Starring Role

00:08:04 - God of War: Ragnarok

00:19:51 - Marvel’s Wolverine

00:30:25 - Marvel’s Spider-man 2

00:41:10 - Guardians of the Galaxy

00:48:06 - Knights of the Old Republic Remake

00:52:17 - PlayStation Showcase Updates

01:14:55 - A Word From Our Sponsors

01:19:08 - Alan Wake Remastered

01:26:02 - No Man Sky is “mostly positive”

01:36:36 - Also This Week

01:40:30 - L&R - What’s next for Hazelight?

01:45:14 - L&R - Are pre-order bonuses worth it?

01:50:46 - L&R - Let’s talk about maps

01:59:01 - Time For Bets

02:03:08 - Closing

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