Attention And Adderall Addiction In An Age Of Distraction | Casey Schwartz ~ ATTMind 149


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Casey Schwartz, author of Attention: A Love Story, joins us talk about her journey with Adderall addiction; how social media technology influences our attention and behavior; internet reactivity and mob “justice”; psychedelics and their impact on attention; the deeper philosophy of what attention is; and why attention matters.

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  • What if that final rug comes up from under us
  • The beginnings of Adderall addiction
  • The Adderall promise and of the attentional expectations of the modern world
  • Adderall does not increase attention, not really
  • If attention isn’t focused concentration then what is it?
  • Is there such a thing as natural attention?
  • Social media turning us into reactive children
  • Bonding by bullying through canceling,
  • Casey’s journey of watching her father get swept up in the metoo movement
  • The difference between justice and vengeance, redemption, and a lack of much-needed nuance
  • Adderall addiction in the age of technological onslaught
  • How what we attend to changing the meaning landscape of our lives
  • The deeper philosophy of what attention is, and why attention matters
  • Where you put your attention is how you live your life
  • Psychedelics and attention; how psychedelics alter how we attend to life
  • Attention, prayer, and the discovery of divine
  • A personal trip report of Vyvanse vs Adderall
  • Attention: A Love Story and social links
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