Williams Syndrome - A Mother's Story


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All Home Care Matters is honored to welcome a very special guest, Vicki MacGregor.

Vicki is sharing her personal story and experience of her son, Stephen. Stephen was diagnosed with Williams Syndrome when he was 13 months old. We discuss what it was like as she was raising Stephen and the trials and accomplishments that they experienced.

Vicki is sharing her story for the first time in a very long time and shares how she handled this diagnosis and how through a mother's love helped Stephen to not be defined by a label. During this interview Vicki takes us through her journey raising him into a remarkable young man and we hope that you will be encouraged by her story and also become better informed about what Williams Syndrome is.

Connect with Vicki:

Email: victoria@victoriaspress.com

Website: https://www.victoriaspress.com

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