1243 | Dr. George Fraser: “We are Much More than That.”


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Today, Dr. George Fraser reveals two habits that will bring you prosperity, wealth, and success. The first habit is the insatiable appetite for growth and development, that is, to always be learning and constantly improving. Actualize your greatness by developing reading habits, pursuing education, not as a requirement but as a quest for lifelong learning.
Dr. Fraser notes that the core elements missing in the context of today’s culture are obedience and discipline. For this reason, he accentuates the second habit to cultivate is the discipline to do work and obedience to seek answers about your purpose in life that’s bigger than yourself. It’s not enough to only want success, be willing to pay the price, and have the courage to stay the course. After all, any goal without an action plan is nothing but a wish.
Source: George Fraser: RISE or DIE - Part 3/3 | 2015 Empower Series
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