Ep. 201 - Lovely Ball Kicking, with Kris Graft


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Questions this week:

  1. Let’s talk about the rebranding of Gamasutra to Game Developer. (03:43)
  2. What are the best video game postmortems? (10:41)
  3. What are the most common mistakes when someone first gets into video games? (15:24)
  4. Which video game characters have the most complicated morning routines? (20:46)
  5. What video game or game adjacent companies should be renamed? (25:54)
  6. Dirtbag MoxBagel asks: Is it possible to have fans take games less seriously as an identity and more seriously as creative endeavors? (31:42)
  7. Why don’t you design a new item for Mario Kart? (38:26)
  8. Violence Island: forums.insertcredit.com Submissions (43:25)
  9. From Frank Cifaldi: Here’s whats up with that video about game price collusion (52:45)
  10. Who is the Mike Richards of video games? (59:08)

LIGHTNING ROUND: Name Design: JAV Titles (01:01:34)

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Brandon: Check out the new GameDeveloper.com, Melissa's self titled album, Ask Hershers Pizza for the Insert Credit, Enjoy with a D'Aquino Chianti Flask

Kris: Go to gamedeveloper.com, learn something new, Dishonored

Frank: Psychonauts 2

Jaffe: Superman Smashes the Klan

Edited by Esper Quinn. Original Music by Kurt Feldman.

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