EP. 174 What to do when an Employee Quits


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Join me today as I discuss an inevitable topic, losing an employee! What do you do when an employee gives their two week notice? The pandemic has been tough, and even though 2020 is over, some of the problems are persisting! This is how I felt when one of my employees gave their two-week notice shortly after PT BizCon in January.

So, what did I do? Did I panic? Celebrate? Mourn? Stop everything?


How you handle it determines what happens next.

Thankfully, I had systems in place that allowed me to find the right replacement quickly and get them started in their new roll seamlessly. I had an established hiring funnel the was easy to set into action. I also have systems run my business, and then employees run the systems.

Do you have your business and systems set up for someone else to step in? Your business can’t grow if you're busy putting out fires. Build a business that can run without you.

There is never a perfect time for an employee to lose an employee. You always want to be in a position to hire slow, fire fast. It could take 6 moths to find the right person. Don’t hold on to people because they could sabotage your business. You don’t want an employee who will only work when told what to do. Look for someone who is self-motivated, can create work, and solve problems.

You never expect to fire someone, but it’s important to get the right people in the right seat.

When hiring and periodically assessing your staff, ask the following questions: Do they...

...understand roles of the position?

...want the job?

...have the capacity to do the job (skills, personality, drive)?

Being an entrepreneur is hard. It's never going to be easy, it's just going to present new challenges. The day you quit is the day you lose, so just don't quit on yourself.

Your unique ability is that you can solve problems and think outside the box. Sometimes you just need a little help seeing from a different perspective. That’s what coaches do. That’s what mastermind groups do.

You're always going to encounter problems. You're always going to encounter things like employees quitting or leaving or needing to fire someone. You just have to get used to it because it's part of the game. Get some support. My coaching programs and my coach were two of the biggest factors in helping me.

There's nothing more I love than helping people succeed where they thought it wasn't possible.

I just want you to understand this is part of the process. Learn to enjoy the challenge. It's something that's going to help you grow as a person, as a leader, and as someone that's going to help a ton of people. If you want to work with us to grow and scale your business, your time, your income, your impact, just DM me “ALL IN”. We’ll get you scheduled for a FREE breakthrough strategy call. If you're a good fit and you qualify, we’ll get started right away.

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