Episode #38 - TLDSB’s DOE on back-to-school. Mark Mitchell on unique Afghan perspective. Grove Theatre find its groove. Mosquitoes overstay their welcome.


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Wes Hahn, Director of Education for the Trillium Lakelands District School Board, believes his team is properly braced for this unique back-to-school. Mark Mitchell would, understandably, see the current plight in Afghanistan from a different lens. Before he became our community’s chief of police, Mitchell left his then post as an inspector with our local police service to live in Afghanistan and help train that country’s police service – for a full year.

Heck of a time to launch a live performance venue, but the new Grove Theatre in Fenelon is settling in nicely, says its GM Nicole Mitchell.

Won’t – they – just - go – away? Nope. Fleming College’s Katrina Van Osch Saxxon tells us why mosquitoes are sticking around longer this year. Need a new word? Of course, you do. We ALL do. Kawartha Library’s Lyndsay Bowen is back with another edition of “Well Defined.”

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