19. Project Chaney | Covidiocy, Spirituality, Afghanistan, Masons, NPC's, Anarchy, Gay Cakes


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Three episodes, one week, holla at ya BOI! I figure why not just drop constant bombs on the NWO and not give them a second to breathe. In this episode, we have the lovely Chaney. Pretty sure we're instant bestie's but time will tell on that haha. But for real, great ep with a great person and we talked about everything under the sun. No topic was off the table and it's super refreshing to be authentic. Even though I'm always authentic, this episode was just super comfortable. Show some love to Chaney's show (linked below) because she really is a pro at getting new information out of her guests that they really haven't shared elsewhere. Until next time, take care!



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- All the love, all the power; namaste.

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