#7: Innovation Insights from the Largest Medical Center in the World, Texas Medical Center (with Tom Luby and Emily Reiser of TMC Innovations)


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What you’ll get out of this episode

In this episode, co-host Carrie Nixon talks to startup veteran and Director of TMC Innovations, Tom Luby, PhD., and Emily Reiser, PhD, Senior Manager of Community Engagement, about how the largest medical center in the world looks at the innovation ecosystem and the future of healthcare.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • What the ecosystem of innovation looks like at TMC Innovations;
  • How TMC Innovations helps startups via accelerators, resources, and their venture fund;
  • How they’ve seen health system partners work with digital health companies;
  • How specific digital health startups are adapting and thriving during the pandemic; and
  • What they think is the most pressing need in healthcare in the next 3 years.

This lively conversation is one you won’t want to miss if you’re a health system leader, a digital health innovator, a startup founder, or a healthcare tech investor.


Predication: “Access to care holistically and how we all think about accessing our own healthcare is going to change dramatically.” Ep7 of @DecodingHealth1 w/ @NixonGwiltLaw https://sliceofhealthcare.com/category/decoding-healthcare-innovation/

“It isn’t just about cost it’s about who gets paid, when they get paid, how they get paid, when you’re involved…” Ep7 @DecodingHealth1 @NixonGwiltLaw https://sliceofhealthcare.com/category/decoding-healthcare-innovation/ #mpfs2022

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