S2 / E84 Her Every Move: Stalking Brooke Binkley


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**The following episode of Strictly Stalking contains triggering topics including domestic violence. Listener discretion is advised.**

Brooke Binkley was stalked by her ex husband shortly after they began dating.

He routinely went through her phone, checking her emails and social media.

Then during an argument he trapped her inside the house, chased her around and physically abused her. He was subsequently charged with unlawful imprisonment and assault.

Brooke took him back, became pregnant, and the two got married. She soon found that he was tracking her car, monitoring her 24/7 and demanding to FaceTime her to prove her whereabouts.

She left him, but he continued to stalk and harass her in person and on social media before Brooke turned to the police and secured an order of protection against her stalker.

Brooke wrote a new book called “Firecracker” about her experience with domestic violence and stalking which continues to this day.

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