551: T-Pain | You Can't Auto-Tune Your Way to Happiness


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T-Pain (@TPAIN) is a rapper, singer-songwriter, record producer known for popularizing auto-tune in modern music, and host of the Nappy Boy Radio podcast.

What We Discuss with T-Pain:

  • Why T-Pain will wear a Fitbit over a Rolex, and why there's no shame in wearing fake jewelry in public.
  • T-Pain's tattoo goals and the meaning behind the ones he already has.
  • What T-Pain learned after avoiding time with his own family pursuing the ambition to be #1.
  • How T-Pain went from having $90 million in the bank to $0, and how he climbed his way back.
  • How a musician's life really changes once they earn a Grammy award (let alone two).
  • And much more...

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