Episode 65: Men's Mental Health (James "Man Coach" Boardman)


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"I ended up leaving the military, I got divorced and it was all down to my mental health after leaving."

Episode 65:

This week we're straight talking men's mental health with James Boardman aka The Man Coach. James went from working in McDonald's to becoming a Royal Marine sniper, he tells us how his father died when he was 6 and how that has drove him throughout life. James discusses the sense of purpose and belonging being in the corp gave him and how he lost that when he left and felt suicidal. We discuss the importance of self care as fathers and the difficulties in parenting, particularly teenagers and James tells us about his experience in Afghanistan and PTSD.

We find out if Kamron has Covid, we discuss the death of Sean Lock, Allan gets a dodgy meal and his autism gets in the way in a social setting.

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