Pat Metheny gets up close and personal with Richard Niles - PART 2


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Pat Metheny gets up close and personal with Richard Niles - Video PART 2 A RADIO RICHARD SPECIAL PRESENTATION In this 2nd part of my BBC Radio 2 series “Pat Metheny - Bright Size Life” recorded in 2007, Pat explains his concepts, philosophies and practices. This is invaluable to students, teachers and music lovers, and will enrich the soul of anyone who cares about art and creativity. Having known Pat since 1974, I posed some deliberately provocative questions, designed to get to the heart of his artistry. As I wrote in my book, “The Pat Metheny Interviews”, “I asked questions beyond music because I know that underneath all that charisma, theoretical knowledge and dynamic talent there is the intense philosophical mindset that created it. Pat Metheny is more than just a bunch of cool notes that are fun to listen to. There is a nexus in his brain Where Clifford Brown meets Nietzsche and they discuss nuclear physics while playing the changes to ‘Stella By Starlight’” Please Like, Share, and Subscribe to get notifications about our new content

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