E72 - Embracing the Unique Human You Are Through Astrology with Tsipa Swan


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“Why does it feel like everyone got a manual for being a human when I did not?”

This is the question my friend, Tsipa, would ask herself while she was a card-carrying member of riding life’s struggle bus. Now, among many other things, she subscribes to Taoist principle that the way to overcome our challenges is through acceptance.

We are talking about all of the things in this episode! Astrology can be complicated, but you only need to learn enough to be useful. We will keep it high-level and focus on the wonders and simple joys of being alive at this time, and in this place. I learn what mid-heaven is and so much more that will be shared with you here. I hope you appreciate my own challenge of conversing with a psychic who was answering my questions before I asked them!

Tsipa’s references and ways to connect include:


Tao Te Ching, Stephen Mitchell translation




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