How To Share Your Voice In A Podcast


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I am relentless to help you find your voice. As you find it there is no doubt you come to this place of your purpose which rolls into a desire to walk that out.

So often I believe that comes simply to sharing your voice.

So many ways to do this from your own family, community, county, state...

When it comes to the media world, you could write a blog, set up a Facebook page etc.

But the trends in the media world have been leaning to podcasting as the number one way to really get your divine call, word out.

So this will be 3 simple steps for you to being sharing your voice. And I have to say it is one of my favorites

Step 1 Equipment-Recording (audacity)

Step 2 Hosting (Buzzsprout) and Having your podcast on the main platforms, like Apple, Google, Stitcher etc

Step 3 Various ideas for podcasting topics. Tricks to turn video into podcast etc.

One aspect of sharing your voice like this is overcoming "the imposter syndrome" or saboteurof your voice.

Listen in as I encourage you to share your voice in podcastin.

Also included is a sample of the New Podcast coming in September--Meditations From The Word In The Vineyard.

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