How To Make Friends As An Adult, Navigating Confrontation In A Friendship + Tips For Setting Boundaries with Friendship Expert Danielle Bayard Jackson


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The episode that you didn't know you needed is here! We're diving into something every single person can relate to... FRIENDSHIPS and we're getting real and honest about the nuances that no one talks about in these prominent life relationships.


+ the funeral for someone special in our lives

+ ross + rachel irl

+ your weekly shower thought

+ the impact of media on female friendships

+ making new friends as an adult

+ why conflict is actually important

+ tips and tools for tough conversations with a friend

+ one sided friendships

+ how and when to break up with a friend

+ setting boundaries in friendships

+ what to do when your friend keeps ghosting you

+ what women need to stop doing in friendships

+ handling anti-vax friends

+ what to do when your friend keeps ditching you for her new partner

+ so so so much more


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