The God Cast - 36 Consecutive Wednesday's (The Autobiography of Fr Alex Frost) Chapter One - In the Beginning


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Over the years, I've been told I have a story to tell. A few conversations have occurred about potential with publishers, and agents but those who know me well, will know my struggles with writing and self confidence. However some people have inspired me to have a go and so, as with 'The God Cast, I am doing it my way to prevent disappointment and set backs. So I have written the first chapter of my autobiography which is available on my God Cast pages. It is also available as an audio podcast. If it is well received I will write the second chapter and if not, well.....

So if it is of interest, please listen, and please leave feedback. The book should it ever be published is entitled, '36 Consecutive Wednesday's' and the story behind that will only be revealed in Chapter 2.



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