MPP 018: EVERYTHING You Need to Know About Intimacy and Birth Control with OBGYN Mallorie Cracroft


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Navigating the world of intimacy and birth control can be overwhelming to say the least. Just finding reliable and appropriate information can be a difficult task in itself! One of the best resources is always to work with your doctor or OBGYN to help point you in the right direction to make sure you're prepared in ready for that special night.
That's why in this episode we brought on a special guest in Dr. Mallorie Cracroft who has been working as an OBGYN for nearly 20 years! Mallorie unpacks everything that you need to know from the different types of birth control and their effectiveness to a doctor's tips and tricks for a magical wedding night.
This episode is a must listen for anyone looking to expand their knowledge on sexual intimacy and birth control options.
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