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Why do doctor’s prescribe the birth control for (literally) every menstrual cycle complaint? Find out in today’s episode of the 2021 summer replay series!

Dr. Naylor is a board-certified family physician, focused on preventive medicine and nutrition. As an osteopathic physician, she treats patients with a whole-person approach and has training in treating the body with hands-on techniques, called osteopathic manipulative medicine (OMM). She became especially interested in fertility during the end of her residency training when she herself stopped hormonal contraception in an effort to get pregnant and didn’t get a period. Almost 2 years later, she continues her journey to naturally regain a healthy menstrual cycle and reflects on how western medicine addresses (or doesn’t address) this common issue.

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Topics discussed in today's episode:
  • What is Osteopathic medicine?
  • Dr. Naylor shares how her own experience on hormonal contraceptives has shifted how she views prescribing them in her own practice
  • Why type of training to medical Doctors typically receive regarding hormonal contraceptives?
  • Why do Doctors typically recommend hormonal methods of birth control over non-hormonal methods?
  • Why the official recommendation is for women to use hormonal contraceptives throughout most of their adult life up until approximately age 50
  • How are physicians typically educated regarding the side effects of hormonal contraceptives?
  • What training are physicians given to the menstrual cycle and maintaining reproductive health?
  • What is the best way to approach your doctor when you are seeking care outside of the traditional medical paradigm?
  • Why advocating for yourself isn’t always easy
  • How to approach your Doctor when he or she isn’t receptive to the treatment, medication or approach you wish to take

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