Africa’s First Blockchain Forensic Firm: What Impact Will It Have?


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On April 29, 2021, the social media post of Convexity read, “Come, be part of History”, as we launch the 1st Blockchain hub in Abuja, Nigeria. We’ll also be hosting the Abuja blockchain community meet up with (B.N.U) Blockchain Nigeria, where blockchain, crypto, NFT’s, DEFI, Crypto investigations and more will be discussed.”

The first fully fitted blockchain hub, Convexity Hub in Abuja Nigeria, has a standard crypto forensic investigation lab and experts say this move will help to unbundle and open up the blockchain ecosystem in Africa while providing regulators with an expert channel for active government participation in the blockchain and digital currency ecosystem.

In this chat, the Founder and COO of Convexity Hub, Adedeji Owonibi, will help you better understand what impact this blockchain forensic lab will have in Africa.

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