Ep. 030 Nick Lake joins us to talk MC sku reductions, seltzer summer, and more


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Former Nielsen and Heineken and Andrews Dist exec Nick Lake joins us to talk numbers.
--- Panel ---
Harry is joined by Nick Lake, Jenn Litz-Kirk, and Jordan Driggers
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00:00 Intro - Nick Lake
00:38 Nick likes retirement
01:20 AB and MC's Q2 results, no surprises.
01:35 Grokking MC cutting 100 SKUs.
02:30 Biting the bullet.
03:00 A-B continues to out-quarter MC by all measures.
03:45 Nick: Scale and innovation matter
04:35 Harry and Nick are not big runners.
05:25 Seltzer "softness" is a misnomer.
06:00 Truly and White Claw turned into mega-brands overnight.
06:30 Nick: Per capita consumption remains around 2.5 gallons of ethanol a year -- it's a fight for share.
06:50 Share coming from somewhere: Light beer, budget beer, and wine.
07:30 Per caps haven't changed in 20 years.
09:15 Are spirit-based RTDs a separate category, and does it matter?
10:00 Nick says consumer doesn't care about the base.
11:00 Only three ways to increase sales: More people, more often, more spend.
11:30 Seltzers in cans lend themselves to current trends.
12:50 Truly spirit will likely be vodka.
13:20 Jordan weighs in on seltzers getting so big so fast.
18:40 Getting to data nirvana, and other nerd stuff.
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