Simply the Best (Olympics Special)


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Yes it’s ANOTHER special episode (beginning to play fast and loose with the word ‘special’ now...). But this time we couldn’t help it because we’ve recorded an episode on the ancient Olympics and we could hardly wait another 4 years now, could we? Coinciding perfectly with the Tokyo 2020 Olympics (or is it 2021? We’re really not sure anymore), it’s as synchronised as Tom Daley and Matty Lee. So, whilst you become a sofa-expert in taekwondo, artistic swimming and table tennis (seriously, the table tennis is INTENSE), why not plug your earpods into this episode and become a sofa-expert in ancient history too?

In this episode we try and unpick the rather confusing mythological origins for the Olympics (no – it’s not as simple as everyone makes it out to be ... there are TWO Herakles’s and A LOT of family relations) and bring you our fave fun facts about the ancient event. Mule cart driving anyone?

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