#163 Kevin Rabichow: Simply One of the Best Poker Players in the World


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Today’s guest on CPG a RIO Elite Coach who is simply one of the best overall poker players on the planet, Kevin Rabichow.
KRab has been fully immersed in the world of HUNL cash for well over a decade, all the while building a reputation as one of the best and most highly sought after private coaches in the business.
As a matter of fact, here’s what Greatness Village’s own Coach Thomas thinks of Mr. Rabichow:
“I could ogle Kevin Rabichow all day long. He is legitimately a god among men.”
It’s almost enough to make a longtime poker coach jealous.
Ah, I can’t wait for Terminator Thomas to fully get his voice back.
In today’s conversation with Kevin Rabichow, you’re going to learn:
All about his recent victory in the RIO Legends Showdown even where he took down a who’s who of poker behemoths including past CPG guest Fedor Holz.
Why transitioning to MTT’s sometimes annoys even Kevin Rabichow.
Krab’s thoughts on studying even when you don’t feel like it.
And much, MUCH more!
And now, without any further ado, I bring to you one of the best and brightest stars in the world of poker Kevin Rabichow.
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