Mireia Las Heras - How to Have It All: The Elusive Work-Life Balance


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Mireia Las Heras is a Professor in the Managing People in Organizations Department at IESE Business School. Since 2019 she serves as the Director of the International Center for Work and Family. She is an Industrial Engineer by training, holds an MBA from IESE Business School, and a Doctorate in Business Administration from Boston University. Her specialty is in work-family balance and integration, career management, and women in leadership.
For too long, we have been compartmentalizing our lives into our work-self and our real-self. What would merging the two look like? Can we really have it all and claim a good work-life balance?
Time stamps
[1:09] Work and family balance -- why Mireia focuses on this topic
[5:59] Bringing our whole, authentic self to work
[11:20] What Mireia would say are the most important issues affecting the modern day workplace
[16:18] What work research revolution looks like for Mireia
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