Episode 20: Black Lives Matters, Mental Health, and the Evolving Role of the Vic PD, with Chief Constable of Victoria, Del Manak


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The Best Coast Political Podcast celebrates its 20th episode by welcoming Chief of Police, Del Manak, to the podcast for a revealing conversation about how the Vic PD responded to the Black Lives Matters and police reform movements over the past year. Chief Manak discusses the evolving role of police in society and highlights innovate programs, including ACT and IMCRT, in which the Vic PD works with nurses, social workers, and clinicians to address the complex needs of Victorians. The Chief answers difficult questions about whether the police want to be dealing with mental health and addictions-related calls, and what the future of policing might look like. Before the guest arrives, Matt and Jeremy discuss the role of community associations and land-use communities in Victoria, as Jeremy discusses the Fernwood Forward movement and the response to his opinion piece in the Capital Daily.

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