Kelly Love on The Hidden Toxins in Our Homes


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Have you thought about the products in your home that could be making you sick?

Kelly is proof that switching to a pure, natural lifestyle is powerful even for those who consider themselves healthy. She’s experienced how much our everyday choices impact our quality of life and is passionate about helping others see and feel the connection. She lives in Jackson, Mississippi with her husband and two daughters.

I was lucky enough to sit on my bedroom floor and have a conversation with Kelly. We talk about why Branch Basics started and why it matters to eliminate toxins in your home. Kelly and her friends worked crazy hard to create natural cleaning supplies that are both effective and safe.

When you have a symptom, you need to think about what you did differently that day. For instance, did you go to the nail salon? It might be the chemicals that you inhaled there. When you start thinking about things this way, you can uncover toxins that you are sensitive to in and around your home.

Living in a home that is free of toxins will completely change your life. You will notice the difference. Getting healthy is so much more than exercising and looking at nutrition labels. Instead, getting healthy includes removing things from your home that are secretly making you sick!

Plus, in this episode, we talk about life in general. Kelly is so grounded and passionate about creating a better world through Branch Basics. You are absolutely going to love this episode; trust me!

In This Episode:

  • About Kelly Love [ 2:05 ]
  • What it’s like to live in a home that is free of toxins [ 11:20 ]
  • Any fragrance can have thousands of chemicals [ 18:50 ]
  • Why people should no longer suffer [ 27:00 ]
  • How Branch Basics has changed over the years [ 29:50 ]
  • The type of products that Kelly recommends [ 43:15 ]
  • What is lighting Kelly up right now [ 54:00 ]


  • “Toss the toxins!”
  • “What we eat can literally turn on and off our genes.”
  • “It’s empowering to know that we have control over our homes.”
  • “We can make our homes safe havens.”
  • “You have to be your own advocate; you can’t rely on the fact that it’s on a store’s shelf.”

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