Sensory Strides #67: depression; outdoor walking; Richard Louv


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Quote “One of the main benefits of spending time in nature is stress reduction.” – Richard Louv

Welcome to the Sensory Strides podcast. Observations of the world through activity, reading, listening, and everything else.

The last few months I have not been as active as I normally am. I had slipped into a depression and was struggling to come out of it. While I recognized my poor mental health status, one of the tactics I used was to eliminate the non-essential items on my list.

I am a list maker and there is always something to do on that list. What I was realizing was my brain and body needed a break from some of those items. So I took a step back from many of the external activities I am involved in and reduced my contributions. While doing this, I also reduced my activity. Even my activity was a list – either a training schedule or a weekly goal of so many minutes of movement.

While stepping back helped me return to a stronger state of mind, the lack of physical activities may have slowed the progress. My husband and I went for a walk last week and I realized how much those walks improve my mental state. That time outdoors, even if my husband and I are talking or I am listening to a podcast or a book, allows my brain to take a break. The fresh air invigorates me and refreshes my soul.

I’m still struggling with keeping a good mental balance, recognizing those things I can control and those things I can’t control. Of course, the things I can’t control are some of the pieces that are weighing heavily on me right now. I need to recognize there is only so much I can do and I need to let go of those things that I can’t do. This is a difficult balance. I have a great support system, but I am my hardest critic and I need to give myself grace.

I hope you give yourself grace for those items you can’t manage and remember to keep the activities that keep you fulfilled in the forefront, even as you may need to let go of other things.

Thanks for joining me. Be sure to check our show notes for links to inspiration items and … don't forget to stop and smell the roses.

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