BTV E241 Christina Returns - Thirst (2009) & I Saw The Devil (2010) Reviews + Trivia 7_5_21


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Christina Returns! To give Alex a hard time... She's back with another vampire film?! Yep. This time 2 films from South Korea. We review THIRST (2009) Where a priest becomes a vampire and has to fight against his desires. Then I SAW THE DEVIL (2010) where a special agents wife dies by the hands of a serial killer and he goes on a revenge spree to torture the serial killer. Both movies have won awards for their stories and performances. So buckle up these are not for the faint of heart. Plus, we give loads of trivia about the films. Episode Link: Time Stamps HORRORSHOTS - 10:47 Thirst (2009) Spoiler Free Review - 14:53 Thirst Spoilers & Trivia - 29:13 I Saw The Devil (2010) Spoiler Free Review - 51:00 I Saw The Devil Spoilers & Trivia - 1:07:08 End of Podcast Talk - 1:32:07 So grab your Shoes, be sure to bring your School Bus and please don't forget to bring your Mah Jong as we travel Beyond The Void!

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